Best aero bars for road bike

Best aero bars for road bike

One of the most adrenaline pumping experiences that a person can have is participating in a bike race. The sensation of speed, the danger of sharp turns, and the thrill of competition are experiences that can not be traded for anything.


Top Five Aero Handlebars

 MaterialGrip/Arm pads
AluminumRounded goose neck, attachable arm pads
Metal, PlasticCurved, Adjustable
Aluminum Alloy, Plastic, SpongePolished Metal Grips, Removable Pads
6061-T6 AluminumInjection Molded, Rotation adjustable arm pads
6061-T6 AluminumRounded goose neck grip, flip-up arm rest


If you plan to participate in a bike race, you will want to have a bike that is made to cut through the air like butter. To do that, you will need to have a lot of aerodynamic pieces on your bike, including the handlebars themselves.

Aerodynamic Handle Clips (or Aero Bars for short), are designed with racers in mind. Not only are these bars designed to increase a biker’s speed, but they are also made to be comfortable while racing. Should the only thing you be lacking for an amazing racing bike is a set of these aero bars, then we got your back, as we take a look at five of the best aero bars you can buy.


Things to Consider

Comfort and Grip:

You will want to be using your new aero bars for the long haul, and as such you will want aero bars that are comfortable. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while using your aero bars, so therefore you are going to want to buy bars that you will be able to position yourself comfortably on, either with arm rest or otherwise, while you are racing.

Another thing you will likely want to avoid while using your aero bars is losing your grip. Doing so can lead to losing control of your bike, and can lead to even bigger potential issues. You will, therefore, want to buy a set of aero bars that can be easily gripped and that you will be certain to keep your hold on.


The metals and other material that an aero bar is made out of should also play a big part in your aero bar purchase for two reasons. First: the material that the bars are made of will assure the durability of the product, and whether or not the product will break during use. Second: The material will play a part in the overall speed of your bike, as the heavier the material, the slower your bike will become.



As with anything in life, price does play a big part when it comes to aero bike bars. With aero bars, you will sometimes find good bars at low prices and bad bars at high prices, so it’s important to try to find an aero bar that strikes the balance between quality and price.


Profile Design Century

Profile Design is a brand name known for their bike bars, and so it should come as no surprise that they have plenty of aero bars to choose from. One such option is this little number, known as the Century.


The Century is an aero bar that is designed using lightweight aluminum metals. These metals not only make for a strong set of aero bars but also ones that won’t weigh down your bike so that it can fly down the road at top speeds.

The rounded goose neck grip is another great feature that this aero bar has to offer. This grip makes it really easy to not only keep your hands planted on the handlebars but also makes it great for taking sharp turns during a race.



The included arm pads that come with the Century, while comfortable, leave a lot to be desired. This is because the glue on the arm pads has a tendency to come undone, leaving the pads slipping on the bars and sometimes flying off altogether.

Another complaint that some, but not all, have had is that the aero bars are a bit on the short side. Obviously, this won’t affect everyone, but those that it does it can make and uncomfortable ride for.



Ancheer TT Handlebars

            If you plan to race in longer triathlon events, then you will want to buy aero bars that will be comfortable to use for the entirety of the journey. This is exactly what you get with the Ancheer TT Handlebars.



The Ancheer comes equipped with one of the strongest handles you will find in any aero bar. Made of a combination of plastic and metal, the bar is guaranteed to stand the test of time, never warping or bending after extensive use.

Despite how strong it is, the aero bars are very comfortable to use. This is thanks to an ergonomic design and sponge pad that make the Ancheer comfortable to use for extended periods of time, making them great for longer races like triathlons.

To make the Ancheer even more comfortable to use, the bars are fully adjustable. This means that you can set them to any length to make them easier to grip and use for the individual biker.


The big drawback that comes with the Ancheer seems to come from attaching the bars themselves. The Ancheer sometimes doesn’t seem secure on the bike, sometimes rotating or fitting awkwardly.



Merci TT Handlebars

            Our next set of aero bars comes courtesy of Merci with their TT Handlebars. These aero bars are fairly new on the market right now, but despite that, these aero bars are already making quite a wave in the biking world.



The Merci is made using a combination of strong aluminum alloy and plastic, which helps to increase your bike’s speed by not weighing it down. Not only this, but the material is strong enough that should the worse happen and you find yourself in an accident, your handlebars will survive the impact.

The Merci also comes included with two arm rest sponges, which can be adjusted to any length that you are most comfortable with. If you find that these arm rest become dirty after extensive use, then you can easily remove them to clean.

Installation of these aero bars is also very easy, with installation taking little to no time at all. The Merci is also very universal, with the aero bars being compatible with handlebars of various diameters.



As of now, there are none to speak of, making the Merci a relatively secure purchase to make.


Profile Designs T3+

            As mentioned previously, Profile Designs is a brand that provides tons of options for aero bike bars. Of those options, the T3+ may easily be one of the best.



The T3+ is made using the strong 6061-T6 aluminum material and forged brackets. This design choice makes it possible for the the T3+ to not only be strong but allows it to mount comfortably onto any set of bicycle handlebars.

The curved grips of the T3+ make it possible for a user to comfortably hold onto their bars, with a nice little dip to rest their wrist in. The anatomic arm pads that are on the T3+ also help with comfort, thanks to their molded design and being able to rotate to the bike rider’s pleasure.



Unlike the Profile Design Century, the T3+ actually has a small issue with the fact that that the bars tend to be on the longer side. This is great for riders who happen to have a longer reach, but it may lead to some discomfort and awkwardness for others.



Profile Design Air Stryke   

To top things off for our list of aero bars today, we have the Profile Designs Air Stryke. This time, the powerhouse Profile Design brand brings us an aero bar that combines a bunch of features that make their products great.



The circular, goose neck designed grip, similar to the design of the Century, makes for an easy to hold grip that is great for racing. To make the grip, and the entire aero bar, lightweight and strong, the Air Stryke is made with 6061-T6 aluminum that cuts through the air like a hot knife.

The Air Stryke’s rigid “ZB” arm brackets provide riders with a good way to keep their arms steady while racing while also remaining comfortable. This combines with a “flip-up” arm rest to provide riders with the most possible comfort and stability no matter how long they ride the bike.

Having trouble finding an aero bar that fits your bike’s handlebars? This is something that shouldn’t be a problem with the Air Stryke, as the brackets of these aero bars can fit bike handles from 26.0 mm to 31.8 mm.



There really are not any serious flaws to speak of with the Air Stryke, making this quite possibly one of the best products that Profile Designs has produced.



If you are ready to take to the roads in competition with other bike riders, then you will want to have one of these aero bars on your side. Hopefully, with our list today, finding the perfect aero bar for your bicycle should be the easiest part of your journey. Coming in the first place… now that is the challenge!

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