Which Are The Best Hybrid Bike Brands?

Which Are The Best Hybrid Bike Brands?


Last Update September 14th, 2016 When you’re looking to buy a new bike, particularly a hybrid, you want to make sure you’re making the right purchasing decision. Hybrid bikes are the mother of all bikes—they’re friendly to all levels of riders, they’re perfect for any terrain, and they are available at a variety of price points. If you’re planning on buying a hybrid bike, you want to make sure it’s the best value for the price and that all of its features, components, and specifications suit your height, weight, and riding style. With so many bike manufacturers out there, we know there’s a lot of information to sift through when you’re trying to make a large purchasing decision. We want to make that decision as easy as possible for you, so we began digging through the internet and checking out companies’ home pages, about us pages, and product reviews. We’ve come up with the top six of what we consider the best hybrid bike brands out there.


Schwinn is synonymous with inexpensive, quality bikes. Even people who don’t ride bikes know that a Schwinn is a great and affordable bicycle. This is a Pacific Cycle brand, and they have various options of hybrid bikes for men, women, and children. The majority of Schwinn hybrids are priced between $150 and $400 though you can absolutely find more customized and top of the line options for more. Some of the most popular Schwinn hybrid models include Network, Discover, Wayfare, and Capitol.

Different types of Schwinn cycles:


While Diamondback is more well known for their mountain and road bikes, they also have a small but fantastic selection of hybrid bikes in their “City Bikes” category. Their hybrid models, such as Edgewood, Kalamar, Vital 1, and Vital 2, combine the smoothness of a road bike with an exceptional level of comfort that’s sure to impress any rider. Diamondback is known for making quality bikes in the middle range of price points, and as such, most Diamondback hybrids are priced between $250 and $550.


Kerry Werner Jr. aboard the all-new Diamondback Haanjo Carbon Trail!


Gama Bikes

Gama Bikes is known for its stylish and chic bikes that are also fantastically crafted with exceptional quality. They look stunning, work great, and ride beautifully. What more could you ask for? Many of their bikes are vintage looking and come equipped with a rear rack and front basket. Their most popular hybrids include the Metropole, City Avenue, and City Basic, and the majority of their bikes are priced between $250 and $500. Each of their hybrid models come in various colors and perfectly embody the Gama Bikes mission to bring urban freedom, a healthy lifestyle, and a stylish mindset to the world.


Critical Cycles

The bikes made by Critical Cycles are truly made with love. They are hand-built and each component on every bike is hand selected by the experts who run the LA-based company. Their bikes are stylish and envy-worthy, and they are built for beginning and advanced riders alike. The Dutch Style Step-Thru and Diamond Frame are their primary hybrid models, and they both include lightweight steel frames with upright positioning. Both are available in multiple colors and sizes, and you’ll be sure to love either ride, no matter what type of surface you’re riding on.


Critical Cycles City bicycles :=)


This international company is a well-known, world-class bicycle brand. Their designs are made up of the best parts from the best cycle companies, and they are made to suit any and all riders, no matter how long they’ve been riding and what type of riding they do. The XDS hybrid models include the Cross 200 and the Cross 300, the Explorer CT, and the T150. All of these models come in either arctic white, metallic grey, or jet black, and some sizing options are available. XDS hybrid bikes generally run between $350 and $650, and they are a great option for anyone looking for a smooth, comfortable ride across both city streets and mountain trails.



For the more experienced rider or for someone willing to invest more in his or her bike, Montague is a great brand option. Though on the pricier side (Montague hybrids usually cost anywhere from $700 to $2,000), these bikes are unique in that they all fold for easy carrying, traveling, and storage. The Allston, the Navigator, and the Boston are the most popular Montague folding hybrids. These bikes are sturdy, solid, and built to last. Particularly if you travel by your bike a lot or have to tote it up stairs or in an elevator, Montague hybrids are an excellent choice for any rider looking for versatility and ease of use when it comes to their bike.

While there are certainly a number of additional brands of hybrid bikes, these are the top six. These are the top of the line, best of the best, out of this world best hybrid brands available today. Many bike companies are constantly growing their manufacturing capabilities and expanding their inventory to keep up with the demands and desires of bicyclists everywhere. Because of that, it’s likely that within just a few short years, we will see a number of new brands creating excellent hybrid bikes for the everyday bicyclist. Until then, we stand by these brands as the best options when you’re looking for a hybrid bike. If you’re looking for more specific bikes to compare, check out our posts on The Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 and our Hybrid Bicycle Reviews. Be sure to check out our section on Hybrid Bikes, read some product reviews, and check out our comparison charts to see what hybrid bike will work best for your body, your style, and your riding ability.


Beat the traffic with their folding bicycles:

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