2017 Review: Best Carbon Road Bikes Under 2000

2017 Review: Best Carbon Road Bikes Under 2000

Kestrel brand H-Stays and EMS Pro Aero Seat post700cMinimal-moderate assembly required
Alloy rims, brakes, spokes, and gears700cMinimal assembly
22-Speed transmission/brakes, Shimano 6800 front and rear derailleur700c, low frictionMinimal-moderate assembly
Shimano brakes and shifters700cModerate Assembly
Kestrel brand H-Stays and EMS Pro Aero Seat post700X25cMinimal assembly

As bike riders, there is nothing that we love more than taking our bikes out on the town. For leisure, fitness, or just to get from place to place, there is a reason riding a bike is one of the most preferred way of transportation in the world.

Unfortunately, while buying a new bike is still cheaper than buying a car, bike riding can still be an expensive hobby. Of these expensive bikes, Carbon Road Bikes are some of the priciest options you can find. This is because, thanks to the carbon fiber frame these bikes have, they are just as a durable as they are good to use for recreation.

While it is true that a good portion of these bikes are expensive, not all of these carbon road bikes will leave you bankrupt. That is what we are taking a look at today, as we will present you five of the best carbon road bikes that you can buy for under $2000.

As always, let’s take a look at a few of the things that you should look for when buying a carbon road bike.



While the frame of your bike, in this case the carbon frame, is important when buying your bike, you should also consider the various components.

From pedals and brakes to the chain, every part of your bike is important. As such, you will want to make sure that these various components are just as strong as your frame. After all, you don’t want your bikes brakes to fail when you need them, now do you?



Tires are important factors for multiple reasons. For starters, the make of the tire will decide not just how durable your tire is, but also how well it can ride on gravel and keep your bike steady on uneven ground.

Second, and perhaps more important in this case, the make of your tire will determine the price your bike ends up costing. Good tires can be pricey, and as a result bikes that use higher end tires will end up more expensive. Seeing as you won’t want to buy a bike with bad tires, nor would you want to spend a fortune, finding a balance between price and quality is key.



Unless you buy your new carbon road bike from a bicycle shop, chances are you’ll have to construct at least some portion of the bike yourself. If this is the case, you’ll want to look for a bike that is easy enough to put together, especially if you are not exactly the most-handy with construction projects. Plus, the more complex it is to put your bike together, the more likely it is that a mistake will be made and the whole bike would fall apart, which is something that a bike rider presumably wouldn’t want.


Top Five Carbon Road Bike


Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105

First up for today is a bike that comes available for all shapes and sizes from the Kestrel bike family, known as the Talon Road. Seeing as this bike is one that seems made for everyone, it should be more than expected that this bike has features for everyone as well.



The first thing that should be mentioned about is that everything on the bike is designed for speed. Using the “A2 Wind Tunnel” to design the bike, everything from the seat to the frame is made to cut through the air and increase speed.

The seat itself is also a talking point for the Talon Road, as it can be adjusted in multiple ways to suit the users´ needs. This not only includes moving the seat to adjust for height but also positioning the seat in a way better suited for leisure riding or racing.



While not exactly a “con”, the Talon Road does not include any bike pedals in the package. While this move is done so that users can buy pedals that are best suited for them, it may not appeal to bike riders looking for an all in one package.



Schwinn Phocus


The Schwinn Phocus, unlike other bikes that will be on this list, isn’t exactly a “pure” carbon bike, as it uses both aluminum and carbon in its design. That isn’t a bad thing, however, as it leads the Phocus to have features you can’t find with other carbon bikes.



The combination of the carbon road fork and aluminum frame make the Phocus very lightweight. As a result of this, the bike moves faster and can take corners sharper than a lot of its competitors, making the bike great for those looking for a racing bike.

To make the bike even more lightweight while also remaining strong, everything from the brakes to the spokes is made using alloy metals. If this all wasn’t enough to make for a bike that will be super fast, the Phocus includes a 14 speed integrated shifter/brake combo for quick and precise shifting.



Construction of the Schwinn Phocus is simple, with the need to only attach a few parts to the bike before using it. This is a good thing when considering that the bike’s packaging comes with no assembly instructions. As easy as construction is, let’s hope that you are mechanically inclined. otherwise you may be assembling this bike for awhile.

Savadeck Phantom 2.0


            The first thing you will notice when looking at the Savadeck Phantom 2.0 is the cool orange and black design that the frame sports. You will quickly notice, however, that the Phantom is more than just a pretty face.



Unlike the previous two entries on the list, this bike comes with tires that are specifically made for an easy ride. This is thanks to the low-traction design that the tires sport, reducing resistance on the road and increasing speed significantly.

The bike’s components come courtesy of Ultagra. This brand makes some of the best components you will find on a bike, and they help the Phantom to have a great derailleur, brake, and transmission system.

The final thing that bike riders will love about the Phantom is the seat. The seat on this bike is not only easy to adjust, but very comfortable for a bike seat, allowing for an easy ride.



As beautiful as the paint job makes this bike look, it also is one of the bikes greatest flaws. This is because the paint chips easy, making it a necessity to have to repaint your bike or have a bike that looks like it’s been in a rough accident or two.



SE Bikes Royal


SE Bikes Royal may, on the surface, seem a bit basic in comparison to other carbon road bikes you will find. While this may be true to an extent, it would be a mistake to overlook this bike, because it certainly has a lot to offer.



As we said before, carbon road bikes can run a bit expensive, with many of them running over $1000 dollars. This is not the case with the Royal, which runs just under the $500 dollar mark, which makes this our cheapest option on the list today.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t other features on display besides a good price. The Royal features the same kind of aluminum/carbon hybrid body that the Phocus does, which helps to decrease the bike’s overall weight. On top of this is top of the line Shimano brand shifters and brakes, assuring that your bike can switch gears and stop on a dime, if need be.



All things considered, if you are looking for a fast racing bike, this probably is not it. The Royal has less speed options and is a tad heavier than other carbon bikes, making it a tough sell for the speed demons among us.

The bike seat is also a bit of a talking point to look at. The seat that is included with the Royal is rather uncomfortable, and may be best if replaced, otherwise your rear end may very well be sore after a long riding session.


Kestrel Talon Tri


Much like we began our list today, we end our list with another Kestrel brand bike, this time with the Talon Tri. If you are a bike rider who is serious about racing, than this bike may just be the one of your dreams.



The Tri has a lot of the same features that made the previous Talon Road great. This includes the same H-Stays, brake and transmission system, and aerodynamic design that helps the bike cut through the air like butter.

What makes the Tri unique, however, is the additional, and optional, aero extensions, bar end shifters, and tri saddle. These features are optimized for racing enthusiast, putting the power of extra speed and comfort at your fingertips.



Also, much like the Talon Road, the downside of the Talon Tri is that it does not come with any peddles, which requires you to have to buy your own. It isn’t that big of a deal, as some people may prefer their own bike peddles anyway, but it does mean that the bike isn’t exactly ready for use out of the box.


That wraps up our list of the top carbon road bikes that you can buy. No matter if you came here looking for a new racing bike, or you simply want a new and awesome way to get around town, there should be something on this list for you. Thanks for reading!

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