Best electric bike for commuting

Best electric bike for commuting

 TypeBattery Life/ChargeEngine Mount
Switch4-6 Hours, 20 MilesPedal Mounted
Switch2.5 Hours, 10 milesCenter Mounted
Assisted 4-6 Hours, 28 MilesPedal Mounted
Switch3 Hours, 15 Miles Pedal Mounted
Assisted 3 Hours, 15-20 MilesRear Mounted

So there you are, already running late for work because of a bad alarm clock, forgetting an important report, and spilling coffee on your shirt… and that’s when your car won’t start. Today just can’t get any worse.

You need to get to work today, however, and your car isn’t going anywhere, and your regular bicycle won’t do the job because you don’t want to be sweaty and gross when you get to the office. So what can you possibly do in this situation?

This is where an electric bicycle would come in! These bikes are just like your everyday bike except that they run on a battery-powered engine. This engine helps riders to get somewhere quick while enjoying the ride and eliminating the strenuous exercise that can come with bike riding.

While we can’t help much to remedy all the rest of your daily problems, we can help you to find a good electric bike for commuting by taking a look at five of the best that are available today.


Things to Consider


Type of Electric Bike:

There are two different kinds of electric bikes that people can buy for their commute, each which have their own benefit. One of these bikes are “Assisted”. These kind of bikes use the amount of times the user pedals the bike themselves and applies an appropriate amount of engine power accordingly. This helps users to get the most efficient ride possible.

Also of note on the Assisted bikes is that they usually automatically cap at a max speed of 15 MPH. If they go any higher than this, however, it is usually required that the driver gets a license of some kind, not unlike they would need for a motorcycle.

The second kind of electric bike you will encounter is a“Switch”. These kind of bikes, unlike the Assisted, require the user to flip a switch in order to activate the motor, allowing the user to choose if they want to use it or not.




It should come as no surprise that the battery that powers the engine on your electric bike is an important factor to consider. After all, you won’t want to have your engine fail on you mid ride.

It’s for this reason that you will want a battery that has a long life, so that you can get the most time out of your ride. In some cases, you will find bikes that have long battery life and short charge time, but these tend to run quite expensive. In this case, it would also benefit you to try to balance the power of the battery in the bike you want with the price of the bike, so that you will get the best possible deal for you.

Engine Location:

Due to the nature of the two types of electric bikes mentioned above, you will find that the engine itself can be mounted on different areas of the bike. Sometimes the engine is located on one of the wheels and then other times, such as in most Assisted bikes, you will find the engine located closer to the pedals so that a sensor in the engine is able to measure how often you pedal the bike.

It’s important to take note of this as, while for the most part location isn’t an issue, a poorly mounted engine can lead to some performance issues, which you will want to avoid.


Top 5 electric  bikes:


Archeer Folding Electric Mountain Bike


Archeer is a name that many bike enthusiast will recognize immediately. Every bike that the brand puts out, with their Folding Electric Mountain Bike you are guaranteed to get quality.



The Folding Mountain Bike is truly made for all types of terrains, thanks to it’s thick tires. These 26 inch tires are made of some of the strongest rubber you can find, allowing the bike to tare through any rain, mud, and dirt without threat of damage.

Need to charge your phone while on the run? Another unique feature of this bike does just that, with a smart phone USB charger built in to the bike.

The Archeer also has a built in 7-speed changer similar to that in their other bikes, allowing you to easily change speeds mid-ride. And all these features are encased in a tough, lightweight aluminum alloy frame, which helps to keep the bike durable and fast.



The only con to speak of is not with the bike itself, but rather with the instructions the bike comes with. It’s not that the bike doesn’t come with a set of instructions, but it might as well not have for all the good it does, coming off as confusing to understand at times. This can make it hard for new users to figure out just how to get the electric Mountain Bike running.



Swagcycle E-Bike

The Swagcycle E-Bike from Swagtron is a bit unlike other electric bikes you may encounter, with no real pedaling involved and running solely off the motor. This isn’t a bad thing, however, as it makes for a bike ride like no other.



The Swagcycle is very small and lightweight, coming up to less than 25 pounds. Despite this small size, it can easily carry up to 270 pounds without any problem, making it a great choice for people of various sizes.

Seeing as you don’t technically pedal with the Swagcycle, speed is instead controlled on two separate “foot mounts” that are placed on the front tire. To keep track of speed and battery life while on the go, the bike comes with a mounted LCD display, that shows you all this vital information.

If you happen to need to charge your iPod or phone on the go, you can easily do that thanks to the Swagcycle’s USB Charge port. When you are done using your bike, storage is simple and quick thanks to the Swagcycle’s collapsible design.



In terms of battery life, the swag cycle doesn’t really keep pace with the rest of the competition. The battery only last for about ten miles of riding, which means it will end up needing a recharge rather frequently. While this is okay for shorter distances, it makes the Swagcycle a hard choice for those who have longer commutes.


Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

            The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 may have a long and fancy sounded name, but don’t be easily fooled. This bike is about as old fashioned as you can get from an electric bike, giving both bike enthusiast and those just looking to get across town something to love.



As said above, the Cyclamatic has a lot that bike lovers will… well… love. This includes features such as the strong mountain bike frame, disc brakes, and quick change Shimona gears, all of which you could normally find on any racing bike.

On the technical side of things, the Cyclamatic comes with a strong and long lasting battery, which can last for up to 30 miles of riding. This will give you more than enough juice to get anywhere you may be going, no matter if it’s next door or on the other side of where you live.

If you have ever been worried about how an electric bike operates in wetter weather, than the Cyclamatic has an answer for you. The bike is completely water resistant, which means that there is no chance of the rain and snow damaging the bike or the motor.



There really are not many, if any, drawbacks to the Cyclamatic. If you buy the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1, you are getting an electric bike that you can count on!



Vilano Core Commuter Bike

            Our next bike is one that is a good example of why we made this list today. This is because Vilano Core is a bike that is one designed specifically for the purpose of commuting through town.



The frame of this bike is designed to make for the smoothest ride possible, being made of light aluminum. This makes it possible to glide easily through the streets, making it possible to get quickly to your destination.

This light aluminum does make the Vilano Core more susceptible to wind resistance. Luckily, you can use the Core’s Pedal Assist which helps you to easily cut through the wind with it’s 5 different speed settings.

It is also possible to ride this bike without the assistance of the electric motor, making the bike ride more like a traditional bicycle. Should you choose to ride the Core in this way, you will find that it is just as good as with the motor active, thanks to the bike’s traditional design.



The battery life of this bike does not seem quite up to snuff with some of it’s competitors. The battery will last for a ride averaging about 15 miles, which, given the top speed of the bike, means that the battery last only about an hour.



Vilano Pulse Commuter Bike


 Our last bike is yet another electric bike from Vilano, and yet another bike that is designed for commuter use. Unlike our previous Vilano Core, however, the Vilano Pulse has a few secrets tucked away to discover.



The Pulse, as said above, is a great bike for commuter use, thanks to it’s 3-speed pedal assist feature. This will allow you to get quickly where you need to go, so you will never be late for work or an important appointment.

One thing that is unique to the Pulse is the bike’s “Rear Direct Drive”. This feature not only helps you to get where you are going, but also makes it possible to drive the bike off-road without sacrificing speed.

When it comes time to recharge the Pulse’s battery, doing so is a cinch. With the simple turn of a key, you are able to remove the battery from the pulse, allowing for easy charging and maintenance.



Much like the other Vilano bike, the battery leaves a lot to be desired, with a charge that only last for about a 15 to 20 mile ride. In addition to this, assembly is a bit more complex with the Pulse than other electric bikes, with more tuning and tweaking needed than others before it is ready for use.



Riding an Electric Bike may take some getting used to, but once you do it is an experience like none other. If you have one of these bikes in your garage, than your commute to work will be that much less frustrating… now if only we could do something about an angry boss.

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