2017 Review: The Best Spare Tube for Road Bikes

2017 Review: The Best Spare Tube for Road Bikes

Fitting TypePrestaPrestaPresta or SchraderPrestaPresta
Shipping Weight0.05 pounds1 pound0.4 pounds
Size1pc/Pack 60mm60 mm32mm or 48mm48mm48mm or 60mm

Don’t you just hate when you are out on the road heading to your destination, picking up speed, adrenaline pumping, and the wind at your back, but that rock comes out of nowhere and you skid, only to damage your bike? It is for unforeseen reasons like these that having a spare tube for your road bike can help you get back on the road in no time, rather than having to walk your bike home.
Flat tires are the most commonly unexpected problem for all types of bicycles and unfortunately, they can disable your bike on the spot. Even with the best equipment and a proper cycling technique, it is almost impossible to avoid a flat tire. Generally, the ability to repair a flat tire can be learned instantly and can take only a few minutes. There are different types of flat tires. The first is a slow leak which means your tire will probably need to be filled with air more often than normal. This can be rectified by replacing the inner tube since you might not be able to find the hole. A puncture can also cause a hole in your tire which can be patched by replacing the inner tube. Generally, punctures are caused by running over a sharp object which punches a hole in your tire. Another type of flat tire is a pinch cut which results from hitting a curb or a sharp edge. The inner tube gets pinched between the rock and the rim and might cause two holes in your tire. This is referred to as the snakebite. Much the same you can replace the inner tube and be back on your way. Blowouts happen with a sudden loss of air and generally a loud bang. Because the inner tube of your tire is a rubber balloon, a blowout might happen if the inner tube is full of pressure and pops. In all four cases, you need to have the best spare tube for your road bike, which you can order online.

Top five spare tubes:

The MEETLOCKS® Road Bike Inner Tube

The Continental Conta Tube
The Schrader Replacement Tube
The Sunlite Tube
The Kenda Road Bicycle Tube
That being said once you have your spare parts on hand you can travel the roads with more confidence, making sure that you’re prepared for whatever trials you might face.
It is important to try and avoid flat tires if at all possible. When you are on the road no matter what type of service is beneath you, you want to keep an eye out for hazards. Riding in a gutter instead of writing on the paved road can lead to flat tires. Riding over glass or rocks can also lead to flat tires. Many cyclists especially those who use their bike to commute will try to hug the curb out of the fear of being hit by cars behind them or causing traffic build up behind them. Unfortunately, the area which is nearest to the curb is where the majority of hazards are located, including glass shards, sharp rocks, and debris which have been swept to the sides of the road. If you continue to ride too closely to the curb you actually increase your chances of pondering your tires. And paradoxically writing close to the curb increases your chances of being hit by a car. By staying in the gutter you actually reduce your visibility to oncoming motorist and you reduce the amount of maneuvering room you have to take evasive action if necessary.
If you discover that you have a flat tire it is important that you have a spare tube so that you can make the switch on the spot. The best way to recognize that your tire is in need of repair is obviously to pay attention to the firmness of the tire. As the tire gets softer you might have to replace the tube. Of course, if the tire becomes completely flat and very quickly you obviously punctured the tire and need to make the replacement as well. If you notice anything unusual such as wallowing it is important to stop. If you puncture your tire and you continue to ride on the bike it can damage the tire itself, the inner tube, and the rim. And if your flat tire comes off the bicycle tire rim, it can result in a crash. If you start to feel on bumps every so often or your tire has a lumpy feel to it, it might be ready to blow. The inner tube is likely okay but you might still want to change the tire immediately. If you are in a sensitive or heavily populated area where there’s a great deal of traffic you might be stuck taking your bicycle by taxi to your home or office and fixing the flat tire once you get to your home or office. Of course, if you are in an urban environment which highlights the importance of sharing the roadway with those on bicycles you might be able to stop off at a kiosk nearby and make the changes you need.


In case you need instructions on how to change a tube in record time, you must watch this video:

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