Hybrid Bikes

What Is a Hybrid Bike?

What Is a Hybrid Bike?  Last Update January 29th, 2016 Cycling, also known as biking or bicycling, has been a part of everybody’s life for a long period of time, especially before the advent of the automobile, but particularly these days as people become more environmentally conscious. The use of bikes is not only limited to daily commuting, but it also... Read More »

Review: Best Cheap Hybrid Bike

Review: Best Cheap Hybrid BikeLast Update March 8th, 2017 Most people can honestly say that they enjoy riding bikes. But one of the biggest reasons that a lot of people don’t ride bikes is that they’re just so darn expensive. When you look at some of the higher price points on hybrid bikes online, it might surprise you to see several... Read More »

Review: Lightest Hybrid Bike

Review: Lightest Hybrid BikeLast Update September 14th, 2016 When you don’t just stick to one style of riding when you get on your bike, a hybrid model is probably at the top of your wish list. If you want to learn more about what a hybrid bike is, check out our post called, “What Is a Hybrid Bike?” A... Read More »

Review: Best Hybrid Bike Under $1000

Review: Best Hybrid Bike Under $1000  Last Update January 30th, 2017 Hybrid bikes combine the best of the various types of bikes, such as road bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes, and creates an all-terrain, ready-for-anything, general-purpose bike. If you love long rides through the mountains on the weekends, but also want to be able to commute to work during the week,... Read More »

Top 3 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

Top 3 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500Last Update September 8th, 2016 Have you ever thought about the feel of the wind blowing through your hair, or the way the sun kissed your cheeks while you are on your way to work, to a park, or just about anywhere you take a fancy to? Oh! The joy and peace you must have felt,... Read More »

Getting There: The Best Commuter Bike

Getting There: The Best Commuter BikeLast Update September 8th, 2016 Using a bike for transportation is quite a smart option, as this not only saves money but also provides health benefits along with keeping the environment clean and green. More and more people are opting to use bikes to commute on a daily basis so that they can avoid traffic jams... Read More »

Top 4 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

Top 4 Best Hybrid Bikes for WomenT   Last Update March 9th, 2017 If you want to buy a bike that can not only be used for everyday commuting but also for recreational purposes, a hybrid bike might be the best choice for you. Hybrid bikes are designed in such a way that they have blended qualities of specialized bikes that generally only... Read More »

Hybrid Bicycle Reviews

Hybrid Bicycle ReviewsLast Update September 8th, 2016 If you’re looking for hybrid bicycles that have the combined features of road, mountain, and comfort bikes fused in a single machine, then you’re on right track landing here. This type of bike is perfect not only for daily commuting but also for recreational cycling. Some of the top-selling bikes mentioned... Read More »