When Were Bicycles Invented?

When Were Bicycles Invented?Have you ever wondered how the bicycle you ride today came to be? Many bicycle enthusiasts have questioned the development of the bicycle especially the ones that they used today. With so many bicycles on the market, it is easy to assume that the great advances we use today are relatively new. But this is... Read More »

2017 Review: The Best Spare Tube for Road Bikes

2017 Review: The Best Spare Tube for Road BikesDon’t you just hate when you are out on the road heading to your destination, picking up speed, adrenaline pumping, and the wind at your back, but that rock comes out of nowhere and you skid, only to damage your bike? It is for unforeseen reasons like these that having a spare tube for your... Read More »

What Is a Hybrid Bike?

What Is a Hybrid Bike?  Last Update January 29th, 2016 Cycling, also known as biking or bicycling, has been a part of everybody’s life for a long period of time, especially before the advent of the automobile, but particularly these days as people become more environmentally conscious. The use of bikes is not only limited to daily commuting, but it also... Read More »

Review: Best Cheap Hybrid Bike

Review: Best Cheap Hybrid BikeLast Update March 8th, 2017 Most people can honestly say that they enjoy riding bikes. But one of the biggest reasons that a lot of people don’t ride bikes is that they’re just so darn expensive. When you look at some of the higher price points on hybrid bikes online, it might surprise you to see several... Read More »

Review Of The Best Road Bikes Under 500$

Review Of The Best Road Bikes Under 500$      Last Update September 14th, 2016 If you’re just starting out as a bike rider, scouring the internet and bike shops for reviews and various information can seem incredibly daunting. You may not even know what type of bike to buy, much less what brand, model, or size. Here at Ride the Right Ride,... Read More »